WOODSRIDER screens in Portland

by cambriamatlow

Oh hi!  Guess what? It’s happening!

WOODSRIDER is finally screening, for a local crowd as part of the Northwest Filmmaker’s Festival.  Thanks to Ben Popp and the NW Film Center team for taking the plunge with me and this little bitty baby film of mine.

Nov 12, 7:30pm @ Skype Live Studio

Nov 13, 3:10pm @ Whitsell Auditorium

I’ll be there, I hope Sadie will be there, and I hope you’ll be there!

Thanks especially to Ian Clark and Richard Beer, my cheerleaders and support system in this late stage of the game.  It kinda felt like the darkest hour was just before the dawn there for a little while, ‘nah mean?

Oh yeah – and if you happen to be in La Grande this coming weekend, you’ll catch me hanging out at the Eastern Oregon Film Festival too amongst some pretty mean cinematic company….shhhhh, it’s a secret!