Feeling inspired to get lost

by cambriamatlow

I just started reading Rebeca Solnit’s ‘A Field Guide to Getting Lost’ and it’s already remarkable and exquisite and changing my life.

Work on The Woodsriders has been slow going. I spent the bulk of my film-work time last year, post-production, creating a handful of short trailers and a longer scene assembly with Janique, and writing grants and various other applications to markets and pitch forums.  That process has just about come to a close.  None of the grants have panned out yet,  but there is more waiting and praying to be done.  While I’m waiting and praying, the plan is to make use of my brand new laptop, and start churning through all of the footage, some of which I haven’t even seen yet.  I need to down-res the footage, and I need to find a workspace with a desktop that can handle it.  I’ll start making a rough cut of the film.  Hopefully I will have the opportunity to bring an editor onboard.  Spring and summer will see music composition, sound work and color work happening.  August 31 I want to have a finished film.  And I want to show that film in January 2016.   There you have it.

I met up with Sadie over Thanksgiving, and she was all smiles and radiating joy.  She’s taking an outdoor EMT college course, which she can handily combine with her robust set of wilderness survival skills.  She’s signed up to fight forest fires over the coming summer.  And she spent last summer as a river raft guide, nearly knocking herself out, but she had a total blast and is A-OK.  She wants to see the film and so do I!