The End of Snow

by cambriamatlow

The End of Snow

In the midst of the Kickstarter push to make The Woodsriders a reality, the Olympics in Sochi, Russia have begun.  Shaun White dropped out of the Men’s Slopestyle event because he declared the course too dangerous for riders.  Jamie Anderson, an American woman, won Gold in the Woman’s Slopestyle event.  Portland and much of Western Oregon have experienced two giant back-to-back snowstorms, blanketing the city in snow and bringing much of functional urban life to a standstill, while allowing for some serious snow days full of fun, coziness, and shifted perspectives.  A dessert of freezing rain sealed this adventure in with an icy layer of reality and warning.  This article by Porter Fox seems an appropriate transition from the events of the last week to the winter/spring era of shooting for The Woodsriders that is to come: “Poets write of the grace and beauty by which snowflakes descend and transform a landscape.”