It’s all happening

by cambriamatlow

Okay so things have really been picking up steam recently with The Woodsriders and I’m getting excited!  REALLY excited!  Is this film getting pulled off?  You betcha!

All of the sudden everything started happening.  I found my lead characters, two amazing, fun, fearless girls who live in Welches, right on Mt. Hood — Sadie and Sara!  They are so down.  They could have started filming the moment I met them, and in fact asked if I wanted to soon thereafter.   But patience, friends, patience.  All in good time.  I know, it’s so hard for me to wait to. I wish I could quit my job and move up to the mountain and hang out with you all day every day this season. 

Then, I began the DP search, and found a super talented DP who sadly is not going to be able to come on board for the shoot due to illness in her family.  For that I am sorry.  However I think I am on the brink of a really excellent next choice and if that works, all will be golden. 

Via the process of putting the word out for a DP, the lovely Janique Robillard and I became connected.  Janique is a seasoned local producer and an avid snowboarder from Vermont.  We’re a natural team.  I’m the luckiest!!  Janique is going to add clarity, resources, connections, logistical support and an extra brain to the crew, all of these things much needed. 

And then there is this Kickstarter campaign to plan!  We’re launching a Kickstarter campaign in January to fund production.  I’ve been getting ready for the launch, and just filmed the initial video segment this morning, where it was cold and starting to rain in the woods of Mt. Tabor in good ‘ol dependable Portland.  We made it through just as the storm factor was really kicking in.  Couldn’t shoot in my apartment as there is mega construction happening across the street and periodic forklift beeps and hammering didn’t seem ideal for the vibe of the video.  In a few weeks we’ll head out to the mountain to catch a day of shooting with Sarah and Sadie for the second part of the video.  Also, there are not one but two Kickstarter parties in the works!  One at Base Camp Brewing in Portland, which is the jam – S’more Stout with blowtorched marshmallow, anyone? – and another hopefully at Charlie’s up in Government Camp.  

The goal is to start shooting around mid-February.  I’m stoked!  Also it goes without saying that I can’t WAIT to get up on the mountain and get my ride on for the season.  It’s already snowed a bunch.  This year is gonna be a good one.