Oblivion by Grimes

by cambriamatlow

I’m checking out Paste’s top 25 music videos of 2012, and it’s pretty interesting – I haven’t watched MTV or music videos in at least a decade, but from a filmic perspective it’s fascinating to see what’s being made these days. At least for this group, what a tremendous amount of talent, creativity and energy on display. I’m really digging this video from Grimes, a band I’ve never heard of before. Apparently I like electro pop. This video reminds me of Friday Night Lights meets Drive, meets some of the vibe I’m going for with The Woodsriders, especially in terms of the contrasts between the long shots, almost surreal, of the sports activities, and the intimacy and fun of the inside/closer shots with Grimes’ lead singer and the people she hangs with. From Paste: ‘In this beautifully shot clip, director Emily Kai Block places Grimes’ Claire Boucher and her dancy electro-pop within the seemingly opposite world of violent, masculine sports and physicality. But “Oblivion” is a video not only of presenting dualities, such as masculine and feminine, but of subverting preconceived notions regarding such opposites. Split between the spontaneous on-location shots of football games and motocross races, and the highly staged interiors of a locker room and a slam-dance house party, Grimes is placed at the center of it all. Rather than settle as a spectator, Boucher instead performs to the arena itself. Grimes’ music has often been described as feminine, and perhaps in many ways it is, but “Oblivion” displays a welcoming, inclusive nature where such definitions prove to hold little meaning.’