by cambriamatlow

Very excited to report that Monday was our first day of shooting on my new film, tentatively called The Woodsriders.  On a beautiful crisp and clear September afternoon, we headed up to Mt. Hood Meadows for Day 1.  The tech staff we ran into (listening to Jimi Hendrix, the Band and the Dead while working on the chair lift) were super nice to us, and informed us of the black bears that were gallavanting about the mountain.  We wanted to see the bears, but from a safe enough distance.  For better or for worse, we did not see any bears. In about 3 hours tromping around the base of the mountain, we did see wildflowers, hawks, beaucoup trees, and got our shows all muddy.  Can’t wait to shoot some more. Here is Ben shooting at the base of the mountain, from the peak of Mt. Hood all the way to a stream emerging underfoot.

Amidst a field of yellow wildflowers on the mountain

And here’s my favorite shot of the day.  Although the film will not be shot in Hipstamatic video, I might have to figure out a way to incorporate a vintage feeling to all the imagery.